1. What materials (ie. kind of paper stocks) are available for my requirements?

Please be reminded though that most of these paper stocks can be used for any printing requirement. Feel free to contact us to discuss and see what paper is best for your needs.

Paper Requirements

Adhesives (high gloss / satin)



Flyers, Notebooks, Raffle coupons

Bristol (cartolina) or Vellum


Claycote / Foldcote

Boxes, Cards, POPs, Fans

C2S (glossy)  or Matte

Brochures, Detailers, Flyers, Magazines

Special (ask us for a list)

Business cards, Letterheads, Invites

2. I have my own artwork / design. Can you work with that?

Yes we can. To help ensure you get the best output possible, please be guided by the following:

3. I need to see/use specific colors in my material. Will you be able to accommodate this?

We can make use of specific Pantone colors for the offset press.

As for the digital press, given that we are limited to a 4 colors configuration, we will only be able to run after the closest color possible.

Some important things to take note of: